Boiler Tube
Boiler Tube

Boiler Tube

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Be used for the heating surface of high temperature boiler, economizer, header, superheater, reheater and for petrochemical industry etc.

Standard: GB/T 3087、GB/T 5310、DIN 17175、EN 10216、ASME SA-106/SA-106M、ASME SA-192/SA-192M、ASME SA-209/SA-209M、ASME SA-210/SA-210M、ASME SA-213/SA-213M、ASME SA-335/SA-335M、JIS G 3456、JIS G 3461、JIS G 3462 etc.


Usage Standard Steel Grade
Seamless Steel Tube for High Pressure Boiler GB/T 5310



High Temperature Seamless Carbon Steel Nominal Pipe ASME SA-106/SA-106M B、C
Seamless Carbon Steel Boil Pipe used for High Pressure ASME SA-192/SA-192M A192
Seamless Carbon Molybdenum Alloy Pipe used for Boiler and Superheater ASME SA-209/SA-209M T1、T1a、T1b
Seamless Medium Carbon Steel Tube & Pipe used for Boiler and Superheater ASME SA-210/SA -210M A-1、C
Seamless Ferrite and Austenite Alloy Steel Pipe used for Boiler, Superheater and Heat Exchanger ASME SA-213/SA-213M T2、T5、T11、T12、T22、T91
Seamless Ferrite Alloy Nominal Steel Pipe applied for High Temperature ASME SA-335/SA-335M P2、P5、P11、P12、P22、P36、P9、P91、P92
Seamless Steel Pipe made by Heat-resistant Steel DIN 17175 St35.8、St45.8、15Mo3、13CrMo44、10CrMo910
Seamless Steel Pipe for Pressure Application EN 10216




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