Slotted and Perforated PipeSlotted and Perforated PipeSlotted and Perforated Pipe
Slotted and Perforated PipeSlotted and Perforated PipeSlotted and Perforated Pipe

Slotted and Perforated Pipe

Product Type: Slotted Pipe/Perforated Pipe/Screen Wrapped Pipe/Slotted liner with compound cavity
Materials of Base Tube: API J55, N80, P110, C90, T95, 13Cr, etc.
Materials of Steel Wire: ASTM304, 316 and 316L stainless steel wire
OD: 2-3/8’-7’  Length: R2, R3  Connection: API and Premium Connection
Application: Machined from API Tubing and Casing, it used for sand control during the process of completion and oil production, and applied for well stimulation, debiated and horizontal wells, offshore wells etc.

Slotted Liner

Slotted liners are made from tubulars by saw-cutting slot configurations. Slot widths are often referred to in terms of gauge. Slot or screen gauge is simply the width of the opening in inches multiplied by 1000. For instance, a 12-gauge screen has openings of 0.012 in.

The slots can be straight or keystone shaped, as illustrated in following picture. The keystone slot is narrower on the outside surface of the pipe than on the inside. Slots formed in this way have an inverted ”V” cross-sectional area and are less prone to plugging because any particle passing through the slot at the outside diameter of the pipe will continue to flow through, rather than lodging within the slot.

Slotted Liner


The slotted liners are usually less costly. They have smaller inflow areas and experience higher pressure drops during production. Slotted liners also plug more readily than screens. They are used where well productivity is small and economics can not support the use of screen.


Perforated Pipe

The perforated Liner or Pre-perforated Casing is manufactured with a 44ft 88 spindle drill press. Joints with sizes up to 20” Length range 3 and grades up to 13CR110 are perforated in one handling.

 Our standard spiral and staggered perforation patterns use3/8” and 1/2” diameter holes, to create the required open area.

 Upon request, custom sizes hold can be drilled in any number and any pattern.

Pipe is deburred internal and external as well as drift tested according to API standards. Every hole is visually inspected and cleaned of burr material.

The size, grade and weight of the base-pipe are according to API casing or tubing specification.

Perforated Pipe

Wire Wrapped Screen

The wire-wrapped screen consists of perforated pipe, outer jacket, end ring and centralizer. Key-stone or house shape wires are simultaneously wrapped and welded to form uniform slots.

The jacket is then placed over perforated pipe and welded to each end. The wire-wrapped screen’s strength, high quality and precise slot control make it an excellent choice for deep, vertical wells as well as horizontal wells.



Key-stone shaped slot pattern, low risk to plugging, easy to clean

Superior resistant to corrosion and long lifespan in applications

Optimized design for perforation, all welded structure, high mechanical strength which is competitive with casing of the same size.

Minimum slot opening: 0.1mm, which can satisfy the most of well-completion requirements.

High flow area

The technical is mature, good adaptability.



Gravel-packing in cased-hole completions of vertical wells, directional wells, horizontal wells, multi-lateral wells and open-hole completions.


Bridge Slot Screen

Screen features bridge-like slot, which creates a gap between the well casing and the packed gravel.

 Bridge slots are spaced in rows or in staggered state.

 Bridge slotted screens are first punched in a flat sheet, which is completely CNC operated. The slot widths are precise and can change as practical requirements. Then the flat sheet is subsequently rolled and welded into a tube.

Bridge slot screen has extensive applications, including water and oil wells, development of geothermal development and mineral water.

Bridge Slot Screen


Bridge slot has outstanding anti-plugging performance for its unique bridge construction.

Bridge construction also enhances the mechanical strength against twisting, compressive and tensile forces.

Diverse external coatings are available to extend the operational lives of watering wells.

Bridge slot screen is lightweight and quire affordable compared with other conventional well screens.

Slot widths can be customized to satisfy customers’  specific requirements.

Multilaysers Premium Screen

Multilayers Premium Screen performance is derived from two characteristics, the filter media and secondly the overall construction of the screen. Consists of base pipe, layered filtration jacket and outer shroud.

Multilaysers Premium Screen

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