Intelligent Exploration & Development

- Automatic Fault Interpretation

- Intelligent lithology identification

-Logging Interpretation

-Oil & Gas Bearing Interpretation.

-Forecast of Oil & Gas Output

Intelligent Well Control System-Monitoring &Warning

-Automatic Identification of Well Control Risk

-Automatic Warning of Well Control Risk

-Solidify the Expert’s Experience

-Automatic Recommendation of Well Control Measures

Intelligent Video Surveillance for Offshore Platform

-Statistics of Working Labor

-Fire Monitoring & Alarm

-Monitoring of Personnel Violation Behavior

-Monitoring of Intrusion and Movement

-Monitoring of Pollution on Sea and Platform

Intelligent of Petroleum Engineering

- Speed Optimization of Intelligent Drilling

- Intelligent Detection & Decision

- Fracturing Design Optimization

Intelligent Management of Pipeline

-Intelligent Diagnosis of Pipeline & Equipment.

-Intelligent Risk Forecast of Pipe Line & Equipment

-Intelligent Alarming of Pipe Line & Equipment

-Real-Time Monitoring of Production Statistics

-Intelligent HSE Management of Station



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